Where am I now?

Hey truthtellers!

You may notice that my blog posts are very few and far between. What gives, huh? Well, you may recall that I'm focusing my writing energy each month into my letter-writing project. Head over to THE LETTERS page to learn all about what that is! I'd love to include you on the next one. 

Be well, be mindful, be authentic...

80s bangs, aerobics, and achy knees.

I've never been one to bemoan getting older, nor even to fear it. Not really. I appreciate the wisdom (slim though it may be) that comes with each year lived - things attempted, mistakes made, lessons learned. I've never felt old, just more seasoned. Never old. 

Last week I turned 35. To be sure, I still don't feel old. Not physically. Not even mentally. Maybe a tad weathered, emotionally-speaking. But not old.  

Then I remembered things. Things about my parents. Memories I have of my parents. And the fact that I am now as old as my parents were in those memories. 

Cue mini-crisis.

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Confessions of a codependent.

Hello, I'm Gloria, and I'm codependent.

Maybe those six words are enough for you to understand my story. Maybe I don't need to write anything more. But I will, for my own sake. I won't write very much right now, but you know what the truth is like when you don't speak it. It will kill you. So, to save my own life I am speaking it. Because I'm not afraid of it. The truth is just the truth - when I speak it, it has no power over me. (It's the same for you, too, you know. We are only as sick as our secrets.)

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Momma needs a time-out.

Our son recently began doing something hilarious and awesome: whenever we correct his behavior or tell him something he doesn't want to hear he scrunched up his face, points at us, and yells, "TIME OUT!"  (I'd like to clarify that at no point have my husband or I ever yelled "TIME OUT" at him, though we have certainly said time-out and placed him in time-out. We just don't scream it like he does. )

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Bathrooms 101

Last night and again early this morning I decided to do something I normally never do: read Facebook and Instagram comments about transgender bathroom policies. Specifically, I wanted to read comments from people who oppose transgender rights. Now, these commenters may not all say they oppose equal rights for transgender people, but they do oppose transgender boys, girls, men, and women using the bathroom for the gender with which they identify, and I consider being able to go to the bathroom a right, so...

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