Why "everyday truthtelling?" It's a phrase that came to me in the spring of 2016 and just stuck around. I used to write and publish on a different site, and after awhile I noticed that the posts that got the best reactions - the ones that really seemed to touch people and resonate with them - were the ones where I was just really, really honest. Honest about not buying the hype over something. Honest about not feeling what everyone thinks they should be feeling. Honest about parenting. Honest about marriage. Honest about anything at all.

It occurred to me that all I really want to do is to tell the truth about what life is really like for me, because by doing so other people with similar feelings or experiences might feel less alone and more validated. I know that I always feel better - more whole, more at peace - when I can say "me too!" to someone's story. That's what I hope to do here. 

I earn a living as a mental health therapist, and in my spare time I run, read, cook, and eat lots and lots. Oh, and spend time with my family!