The trappings of perfectionism and the freedom of brokenness.

Last Sunday I had the privilege of speaking to a congregation about stewardship. I'm not sure why I was their choice for such an important day (Stewardship Sunday is kind of a big deal in church-world), but there I was and it was a blast. I really enjoyed speaking with them and I think they enjoyed our time together, too.

I thought to myself afterwards, "Gee I wish that had been recorded so I could show my parents," because I'm 34 years old and still like to make sure my parents are watching what I'm doing so they can tell me they're proud of me. 

Lo and behold, it WAS recorded and my dear friend Aran even posted in online. Huzzah! 

I really think it's good - and I'm not usually one for self-promotion. I'm just proud of it. Have you ever created something or done something and been proud of it? It feels good. So I'm being my own cheerleader and saying "Good job, me!"

I'm also grateful to the people who were sending good thoughts and prayers my way. I'm sure they helped, too.

Anyway. It's about perfectionism and being broken vessels. It's about how our true selves and our fullest life is actually found in our brokenness. It's about how our brokenness is authentic and everything worth giving comes out of our authentic selves. I don't know about you, but perfectionism is exhausting to me. It's just a form of denial, right? Because no one is perfect. We're not perfect, yet we keep telling ourselves that we can be, or should be, or are. 

When we deny our brokenness - when we try to hide our cracks and flaws - we're actually robbing the world of our true selves and the light we have to share. The world needs us to show up in all our brokenness. The world doesn't need one more person out there pretending everything is perfect.

I don't know about you, but I find the most freedom, liberation, and connection with people who admit to the mess. I need that solidarity. The loneliness that comes with perfectionism is crushing. 

So, yeah. 

Here it is. Listen/watch!