(October 2015) Homecoming 2015

This past week I was at a conference for work out in Estes Park, Colorado. Not the worst place to have to live and learn things for a few days! I've always loved mountains. Every morning the sunrise would shine on the mountain tops to the west and I swear I heard Julie Andrews singing - even though we weren't in Austria. (Maybe it was John Denver?)

I missed my buddies back home something fierce. Dad and son got to spend four days together (J took off work) so I knew they were fine without me, but still. My heart longed for snuggles with my buddies.

News that our doberman had once again ripped out staples from a big wound acquired two weeks ago greeted me when I got home. Piper looks appropriately contrite, but goodness. Will you never learn, dumb dog??? (and other swear words...) I would never yell this to her face, but I thought putting it online would be safe. Every time we make some progress with this stupid wound she sends us backwards. DOGS. GAH.

I did get some buddy snuggles when I got home. O was in bed but awake, so I went in to cuddle and give him his bottle. Oh, the humanity! He nestled right into me and we just rocked for a bit. BEST FEELING EVER. I don't think I have ever felt so complete, so satisfied, and so at peace. 

And now it is the morning after and we are all systems go, full speed ahead, houston-we-are-go-for-launch. My brain is mush from all the metaphorical drinking from a fire hose that happened at the conference, and my body needs sleep. Too bad so sad, right? That's okay.

Can I get a buffer day to recombobulate?