Hamiltix, ear infections, and the Senate.

It's been another what-a-day. 

Maybe you've heard, but "Hamilton in Chicago" tickets went on sale today at 10:00am. I had a group of 6 trying from 10:00 until after 1:00pm to get us all tickets, but that was probably a bad idea. We probably could have all chosen our ideal show and ordered 2 tickets each and been fine. But we were TOGETHER gosh-darn-it and committed to solidarity...

Tonight at 7:30 I bought Jesse and I two tickets on our own. It's dog eat dog in musical theater, I tell you. Friends be damned! (Please still love me, friends.)

On top of that, Owen's got another ear infection. He got sick from some petri dish at daycare last week - as is to be expected - but he's his mother's son, so ear infections are going to be a thing for us for the next few years. I should have taken him in sooner, but I didn't. I feel like I parent Owen as though he is a second or third child. I definitely don't treat him like he's precious and fragile. I mean, he is precious. Obviously. But I do tend to wait it out before having to pay for doctor's visit before our deductible kicks in. 

I think I get this from my mother. If you know her, you should ask her how long she waited before telling my dad to bring me to get my arm x-rayed after I fell down AND BROKE MY WRIST. Then ask her about the time my brother BROKE HIS FEMUR IN HALF when he was three and she told his daycare he was whining. I come from hard mothering stock. 

But I'm sick, too, and that's the pits. It's hard enough watching your child be sick, but to be super sick as well is just the worst. This whole month has been bad, health-wise! It's like my body has had it. Enough, it says! I've gone to bed before 8:00pm the past five days. (I've also been woken up at 1:00am many of those nights, so it's not like my early bedtime is leading to a treasure trove of extra sleep.) All in all, it's been an "off" month. 

I read about the Senate vote this morning. I was not at all surprised that the Senate voted against the gun reform laws presented. I will not forget those senators who decided it was more important for them to get the NRA's money by letting terrorists have access to guns than it was to secure my child's and my right to life in our own country. Ron Johnson, I'm gunning for you. (Pun intended.) 

Well, that's about it. It's 9:30 and well past my bedtime as per this week. I guess I'll wrap things up. Owen's going to be up soon anyway. 

Be well, friends.