(February 2015) Messy Parenting: Part One

Okay. Yes. I did not enjoy being pregnant. This shouldn't be too surprising - I was pretty vocal about it. The last month was miserable (relatively speaking) and I wanted nothing more than to be done. 

People kept telling me I'd deliver early. After all, they had delivered early. That's how it works, right? If your neighbor delivered early you probably will, too. Science for the win. 

It wasn't helpful. I wanted nothing more than to deliver early. In fact, my ultrasound tech had said I was measuring a little over a week early - for a 12/30 due date as opposed to a 1/7 due date. In fact, I wanted to have my baby on 12/27. Not sure why, but at the time it made a lot of sense. When 12/27, 12/28 and New Year's Eve came and went, I was still pregnant. And HATING IT. But people kept saying, "I bet he comes early! He'll probably come tomorrow!" 

Nope. Nope nope and nope. 

I saw my doctor for my 40 week appointment on January 6. In response to her, "Hello!" I said, "I want to be done." No "hi" back, just "I'm over this. Get me out." (Or, get this kid out, I guess.) She gave me a gentle smile and we started talking about options. Inductions and their risks, you know, and what things were looking like. All in all, she said I was a great candidate for a successful induction (meaning an induction that ends in a vaginal delivery, for those playing along at home), and if it's something I really wanted we could look at available dates. Otherwise everything looked good, and if I was still pregnant at 42 weeks they would for sure induce. But, it was up to me if I wanted to speed things up.

I wanted. I wanted to be induced. I was told there was an opening the following Thursday - I'd be 41 weeks and 1 day. Admittedly I had been hoping for something a little sooner - the following Monday or Tuesday, perhaps. But okay. I took it. As I was getting ready to leave, I started to feel really, really good about it. 

I had to stop back at reception on my way out of the office to ask if I still needed to book a 41 week appointment if I was being induced then. They didn't know the answer, so they went to ask my doctor, who returned with them a few minutes later with the news that there was an opening for an induction this Thursday - did I want it? 

Whoa. Two days from now? I'd be 40 weeks and 1 day. I had been feeling really good about giving my little guy another week to see what might happen before going in. Two days seemed really soon, even though my "due date" was technically the very next day. But...

I was done being pregnant. I grew this little guy for 40 weeks. He baked. I was ready. I called J and asked what he thought about it. Being the supportive rock that he is, he was okay with whatever my doctor and I decided upon. 

So, I decided. 

And I felt good.