(February 2015) One month later...

Our Tiny Human made his grand entrance on January 8. Suffice it to say, he's awesome. And exhausting, and exhilarating, and heart-breaking, and a million other things.

He sleeps in his crib at night - score! Refuses to nap there during the day - what?? He loves to eat - no surprise there. He's crazy strong and has the biggest, brightest eyes humankind has ever known. He's our whole world. (Along with our dog, who would like me to mention that she is loving her new role as "Nana" from Peter Pan.) 

So that's life for now. We're headed to a Super Bowl party - O's first! - in a minute so this post is short. Someday when my brain is not fried I'll write a little bit more about this whole experience. (So... when he turns 5 maybe.)

And as for the Super Bowl, go nobody!! If they can both lose that would be awesome.